Matrix Energy SL focuses on the development and utilization of solar energy, including the research and development, sales and application promotion of photovoltaic products such as inverters and energy storage batteries, as well as providing customers with customized and engineering construction services for home photovoltaic power generation systems. As a subsidiary of Matrix Energy(cn), Matrix Energy SL fully enjoys the technical and product support of Matrix Energy(cn). As a new energy company known for its technology research and development, Matrix Energy (cn) has made full use of the overall advantages of China's photovoltaic products in the research and development and production process of inverters and energy storage batteries, launched inverters and energy storage batteries that meet the market demand of Spain or EU, and also maintained close cooperation with photovoltaic upstream and downstream product providers due to good reputation, providing a reliable guarantee for the integrated solutions of photovoltaic energy storage power generation systems.
» We have a team of technical experts with more than 30 years of experience, which is particularly suitable for customized solution design; » We have a complete production line to support product development and production; » We have a sales network throughout North Africa and the European Union, with warehousing centers in Spain, and provide both pre-sales and after-sales services
Address:Avinguda de la Mare de Déu de Montserrat, 4, 0897 Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona
Cell phone: (0034) 660679598 Email: matrixenergy22@gmail.com
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