PV storage power station

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The photovoltaic energy storage power generation system is composed of solar photovoltaic arrays, battery packs, charge controllers, power electronic converters (inverters), loads, etc. The working principle is that the solar radiation energy is first converted into electrical energy through the photovoltaic array, and then converted by the power electronic converter to supply power to the load. At the same time, the excess electrical energy is stored in the form of chemical energy in the energy storage device after passing through the charge controller. In this way, when the sunshine is insufficient, the energy stored in the battery can be boosted by the power electronic inverter, filtering and power frequency transformer into AC energy for AC loads. Solar power generation is characterized by daytime power generation, and the load is often all-weather electricity, so the energy storage element in the independent photovoltaic power generation system is indispensable, and the energy storage element used in the project is mainly a battery.

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